KOTM Epidemic/Pandemic Emergency Preparedness Plan

KO Telemedicine (KOTM) provides a variety of essential services to a large number of remote First Nations communities throughout Northwestern Ontario. In the event of an epidemic / pandemic, KOTM's ability to carry out these vital services could be seriously affected. This emergency preparedness plan has been developed to assist the organization in maintaining its essential services despite significant staff absence due to illness.


The goal of this plan is to minimize the impact an epidemic / pandemic outbreak can and will have on essential services offered by KOTM from both its Balmertown Head Office location, as well as each community satellite location. This plan will:

  • Apply when any highly infectious illness causes extensive staff illness.
  • Provide staff with the appropriate protocols to follow in response to an epidemic / pandemic situation.
  • Outline how essential services will be maintained during a period of severe employee absenteeism.
  • Prepare KOTM to be able to offer pandemic/epidemic related clinical and educational support services to our member communities.


Epidemic: An illness that affects a large population in one geographic area, with rapid spread and is not seasonal.
Pandemic: An epidemic that has become global.
Contagion: A disease that is or may be transmitted by direct or indirect contact.

Download the attached document for the rest of the plan.

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